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School Health Services

Welcome to the Hondo ISD Health Education Web page.  This web site consists of many links that allow parents/guardians to stay informed with matters such as  required immunizations and  diseases like diabetes. It also contains links of all nursing staff's e-mail.  All forms that are required for "over the counter" and prescribed medicines that the child must turn in to the nurse are linked and printable on this site.


  The following links are in reference to immunization requirements            

        Letter to parents link          Link to Immunization Website


Texas Dept. of Health Services



Voices of Meningitis

Learn about Meningitis at http://www.voicesofmeningitis.org//

H1N1 Flu Information resources from the  National Center for Disease Control (CDC) at www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/schools/schoolguidance.htm

Why do I Need to Wash My Hands? http://kidshealth.org/kid/talk/qa/wash_hands.html



Training on Seizures  http://www.takechargeteens.org/school%20personnel%20training.html


Diabetes Care
Information for  http://www.texasdiabetescouncil.org/ 

Diabetes Care ~ SalusEducation  
                                                Diabetes Care at School: Bridging the Gap          
Salus Education Create your Personal Account

Trusted Health Information for You from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and National Institutes of Health and National Library of Medicine   http://www.medlineplus.gov/         

Texas Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Division provides a wealth of materials and resources to promote healthy eating to students and their families.  Title Square Meals Nourishing Children's Bodies and Minds  http://www.squaremeals.org/   

Folder District Health Safety Plans (1 Files)
Download HISD Sexual Abuse Plan
Folder Food Allergy Policy (1 Files)
Download Food Allergy Policy
Folder Allergy and Asthma (2 Files)
Download Anaphylaxis Action Plan
Download Anaphylaxis Guide
Folder Immunizations (3 Files)
Download 2011-2012 Immunization Letter
Download Adult Immunization
Download Varicella
Folder Blood-borne Pathogens (2 Files)
Download Pathogens Handbook
Download Universal Precautions
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