Superintendent Letter

Hondo Owls

October 19, 2020

To Hondo ISD Students and Parents:

Upon review of data from the first six weeks grading period, it has been clear that, even at the lowest grades, chronic absenteeism for our district is in the double digits.  At some campuses with 25% remote learning, up to 80% of those learners are already logging at least five absences.  This is creating instructional gaps that we won't be able to reverse in just a few months.

Therefore, in consultation with campus leadership, district leadership, and campus curriculum specialists, I feel it's time for HISD to revert back to exclusive on-campus learning.  HISD will continue to remotely serve students with personal health concerns, students with at-home family members who are considered medically fragile, and other bona fide medical exceptions; additionally, in case of infection or quarantine, HISD will revert to remote learning for any and all students affected for the amount of time necessary to get back into the classroom.  Day-to-day remote learning, however, will not be a choice for families without those factors in evidence.

Any specifics as to transitions will be available at the campus level; however, in broad strokes, the following principles will apply:

1)    Students currently on remote instruction without medical reasons will have three weeks to make the transition to on-campus learning or to find alternate methods of instruction elsewhere.

2)    Students without medical reasons who have opted to transition from on-campus learning to remote instruction will not do so.  They will have three weeks to determine if they will remain in on-campus instruction or find alternate methods of instruction elsewhere.


TEA has made it clear that remote learners who transition to other districts will do so as remote learners only.  Further, the Commissioner has also stated that targeting only the chronically absent for mandatory return to on-campus learning is not an option, either.  If the choice is the status quo or no remote, it’s clear the solution is to forego the remote.

If you have questions, please contact your child’s campus leadership.  Thank you for your support of Hondo ISD and the students it serves.




A’Lann Truelock, Ed.D.


Hondo Independent School District