Section 504 Process

Referral to the Child Study Team (CST) and/or 504 Team

  • When a student is experiencing difficulty, he or she should be referred to the  Campus Child Study Team. Referrals to the team are filed with the campus administrator or counselor and are accepted from parents and/or the student’s teacher.
  • The Child Study Team meets to discuss any concerns and presenting problem(s). Previous interventions are considered and reviewed. The review/discussion should include all current information, performance data, and recommendations.  
  • The team suggests research-based intervention strategies to help correct the difficulties. The primary function of the team is to develop an Intervention Plan, if necessary, for the student. 
  • If the team determines that an Intervention Plan is needed, then the plan is developed, implemented, and reviewed after a defined period of time. If the review demonstrates that shows that the response to this intervention was unsuccessful, the team can make a referral to another program for evaluation.
  • The team may also determine if the nature of the student’s difficulty warrants an immediate referral to another program for evaluation. Important: If the student has an obvious disability or is in obvious crisis, the team should not delay in making a referral for a multidisciplinary evaluation to consider the possible need for special education or Section 504.

Notice and Consent for Evaluation 504

Parents are provided a Notice of the evaluation to take place and must sign a consent prior to the evaluation being conducted. Procedural Rights are given to parents at this time.


An evaluation is conducted as specified in the Notice provided in writing to parents. The timeline for evaluation is specified as 45 school days.

504 Meeting

A Section 504 meeting is convened to review the evaluation and determine if the student is eligible for 504 and accommodations. The 504 Plan Committee will review: Evaluation results, Section 504 identification determination, the student’s unmet needs, parent concerns, services and/or accommodations based on individual student needs, and least restrictive environment for services.

Annual Review – 504 Meeting

An annual meeting will be held to discuss the student’s progress and needs.

Three Year Reevaluation

An evaluation review will occur at least every three years when a student is being provided services under Section 504.

What Does a Section 504 Meeting Look Like?

A committee is formed to review the student’s evaluation and presenting needs to determine if an accommodation  plan should be developed. Parents are encouraged to participate in Section 504 meetings. Around the conference  table you will see a group of campus staff that are knowledgeable of the student’s needs. A campus administrator or  designee, a general education teacher, academic specialists, such as a reading specialist, dyslexia specialist or math  specialist that have provided interventions, the campus nurse, and/or a counselor may be attending. The parent will be  in attendance unless they have declined to participate.

Typically, a campus staff person will present the purpose of the meeting. The evaluation will be reviewed and discussion regarding the student’s needs will occur. If it is determined the student is eligible for 504 then a discussion regarding accommodations will begin. An accommodation plan will be developed during the meeting. If the student is in grade 3 or above, State Assessment will be discussed to determine if any accommodations may be required for testing. Deliberations will be taken during the meeting and a copy will be provided to the parent.