Site-Based Decision Making

Hondo ISD encourages input from all stakeholders -- staff, parents, community and students. The District Site-Based Decision-Making team and all campus site-based teams actively contribute to information dissemination and the participation in planning. Scroll down to download district or campus improvement plans.

2019 - 2022 District Site-Based Decision-Making Committee Membership

Hondo High School
Virginia Cuellar Hernandez, Principal, Non-teaching Representative
Shannon Gonzales, Place 1, 2020-22
Kris Kailimai, Place 2, 2019-21
Araceli Fernandez, Place 3, 2020-22

McDowell Middle School
Michael Stovall, Non-teaching Representative
Sherrie Mabry, Place 1, 2020-22
Meggie Baumann, Place 2, 2019-21
Tracy Berger, Place 3 2020-22

Woolls Intermediate School
Tracy Tapia, Principal/Non-teaching Representative
Krystal Marchese, Place 1, 2020-22
Jennifer Tellez, Place 2, 2019-21
Joelle Witt, Place 3, 2020-22

Meyer Elementary School
Misty Ptasnik, Principal/Non-teaching Representative
Eva Fowler, Place 1, 2020-22
Jessica Martinez, Place 2, 2019-21
Shauna Weynand, Place 3, 2020-22

Administrative & Central Office Staff
Rose Mary Mares, Assistant Superintendent
Robert Knight, Director of Special Programs
Cynthia Gann, Director of Special Education
Mary Jo Peters, Director of Technology

Additional Members
Bobby Ainsley, Business
Laurie Lentz, Parent
Shannon Windrow, Parent

Campus and district plans are driven by information and comprehensive needs assessments at many levels.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever has.

- Margaret Mead