Private Non-Profit School

It is consultation season for districts and private non-profit (PNP) schools inside and outside our boundaries.

An LEA has a responsibility to contact all private schools within the district that might have students eligible to participate in Title I programs—i.e., students who live in participating public school attendance areas. An LEA also has a responsibility to contact private schools outside the district if the LEA has reason to believe students who reside in a participating public school attendance area attend those schools. If a private school has students it believes may be eligible for Title I services because they reside in a participating public school attendance area in another LEA, private school officials can contact the Stephanie Laughinghouse at Hondo ISD directly or anyone listed within the recorded video.

To assist with this outreach we have posted a link to a recorded 40 minute federal program overview session that explains eligibility.

Per the Non-Regulatory Guidance, Title IA services is the only federal program that follows students outside of district boundaries. The district of residence is responsible for Title IA services for eligible students, not the district in which the private school is located.