Technology Integration Plan for Students with Dyslexia

A plan for integrating technology into the classroom to help accommodate students with dyslexia.  Developed by the Committee on Technology Integration for Students with Dyslexia in collaboration with the Texas Education Agency.


The research is definitive regarding technology and instruction for students with dyslexia. When students have access to effective technology, their overall performance improves. Technology has many benefits for students with reading difficulties, but the opportunity to access rich content ranks at the top. Technology tools allow students with dyslexia to be equal participants in school-based learning experiences.

Important Points to Remember

  • Technology provides academic support for all students.
  • Technology has a place in remediation and accommodation.
  • Technology best supports students when their strengths and weaknesses are assessed before specific tools are selected.
  • Technology is constantly evolving.
  • Technology is not a substitute for good instruction.
  • The limitations of the specific technology should be considered in decision-making.
  • Technology is intended to empower students.
  • Technology impacts learning at school and home through the use of mobile devices.
  • Technology that is appropriate in the classroom for instructional purposes is not always appropriate for assessment purposes.



Texas Committee on Technology Integration for Students with Dyslexia