District Administration

Dr. A'Lann Truelock

Superintendent of Schools 


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Rose Mary Mares

Assistant Superintendent


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Cynthia Gann

Director of Special Education 


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Robert Knight

Director of Special Programs/HR

830-426-3311, ext. 6101

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Mary Jo Peters

Director of Technology 

830-426-3311, ext. 6102

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James White

Director of Student Services

830-426-7650, ext. 2012

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Chuck Beard

Maintenance Coordinator

830-426-7650, ext. 2010

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Campus Administration

Virginia Cuellar-Hernandez

Hondo High School Principal

830-426-3341, ext. 2001

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Nicole Garcia

High School Assistant Principal

830-426-3341, ext. 2002

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Ryan McElroy

High School Assistant Principal

830-426-3341, ext. 2003

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Michael Stovall

McDowell Principal

830-426-2261, ext. 3001

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Tammy Neuman

McDowell Assistant Principal

830-426-2261, ext. 3002

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Steve Ayers 

Woolls Intermediate Principal

830-426-7666, ext. 4001

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Tracy Tapia

Woolls Assistant Principal

830-426-7666, ext. 4002 

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Misty Ptasnik

Meyer Elementary Principal

830-426-3161, ext. 5001

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Lauren Busse

Meyer Assistant Principal

830-426-3161, ext. 5002

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