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Report Bullying
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Report Bullying

Reporting forms can be obtained in the campus office or printed from the related documents on this page.

Students, who believe they have been harassed, bullied, or otherwise victimized by fellow students or HISD employees are encouraged to promptly report such incidents to the campus principal or other campus professional. To the greatest extent possible, complaints shall be treated as confidential. Limited disclosure may be necessary to complete a thorough investigation.

A student or parent/guardian who has a complaint alleging bullying, harassment, dating violence, or sexual violence may request a conference with the principal or the principal’s designee.

Complaints will be documented and investigated in accordance with the HISD policies and guidelines. Any staff member who observes an incident that involves physical or verbal threats will report the incident immediately to the campus principal. Any staff member who learns of an incident or threat may submit a Bullying Reporting Form in the main office of any school campus.

The HISD Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook notifications serve as two additional means through which parents and students are made aware of the behavioral expectations for students and staff. The Texas Education Code also requires that the District’s Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook prohibit bullying and harassment, sexual harassment, and dating violence.

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